Questions & Answers

Q: What is the CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC ?

A: The CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC was formed to provide a mechanism in the insurance industry that allows for two or more policies of any type, size, amount or duration to be be linked together whether new or previously purchased. More specifically, CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC by virtue of its proprietary patents (business method utility patents) and trademarks has exclusive rights and interests in the area of linked insurance policies in order to create various advantages to the insured(s) insurance company, the physicians and other related groups.


Q: How does the CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC differ from insurance companies ?

A: CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC is not an insurance company. The Company is organized to provide consulting and business management services primarily to insurance companies and to do anything ancillary to such business and for the transaction of any business or the promotion of any purpose which may be lawfully carried out by an LLC and to do any and all things necessary, convenient, or incidental to that purpose.

Q: What are some of the novel aspects of these CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC patents ?

A: As defined in the “Abstract” of these four patents: The CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC portfolio (four patents) consists of a patented insurance program that provides improved health care and longevity by emphasizing health improvement and maintenance. After a predetermined waiting period from the time health insurance is purchased, during which the health status of the insured is maintained or improved, the insured may link the health insurance policy with one or more other types of insurance policies, such as: life, disability, nursing home, etc. Throughout the life of the policy, portions of the premiums may be deposited in another account, provided that the health of the insured is maintained or improved, which may be utilized to pay or help pay for the linked insurance and may also be utilized for retirement benefits.

Q: What are some of the goals of the CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC?

A: The goals of the CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC are:

Q: How can the CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC benefit my insurance company ?

A: By licensing and applying the patented concepts that involve the linking of insurance policies whether they are pre-existing, supplementary or new policies the utilization of the CHAI patent portfolio can yield significant benefits to all involved.

The diagram below can more illustratively define the above concept(s):

Figure 7 CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC