Dear Sirs / Ma’am:

The purpose of this letter is to introduce the insurance related intellectual property of Neil Jacobson consisting of business method patents and trademarks that are wholly owned by the CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC ™ as set forth below within a portfolio of the following four patents and related trademarks:

These patented innovations involve the linking of health insurance policies with one or more other type(s) of insurance policies in order to hopefully provide the following benefits:

Thus, it is the intention of these above patented innovations to link the health and wealth of each policyholder with their different policies because whether you prefer tai chi, chi tea, or both, everyone can gain by linking their health to their wealth ™  including one’s physician and insurance company.

I believe that the innovations of the CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC ™ can work seamlessly with any insurance plan as they can provide improvements to the health and wealth of the policy holder from infancy to retirement.

If your insurance company may be interested in the licensing of the above patent insurance portfolio, please use the web email on the contact page in order to be contacted by a representative of the CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC ™.

Remember: Good Health Is No Oxidant ®

Very truly yours,

Neil Jacobson, M.S. (Nutrition)
CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC ™
1151 Stratfield Road
Fairfield, CT 06825