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The CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC is organized to provide consulting and business management services primarily to insurance companies and to do anything ancillary to such business and for the transaction of any business or the promotion of any purpose which may be lawfully carried out by an LLC and to do any and all things necessary, convenient, or incidental to that purpose.



Briefly, the CHAI patents involve the purchasing of additional insurance with the savings from a primary policy such as health insurance in order to subsequently form linked policies.
They also can provide a mechanism for generating improved health and longevity for a policyholder(s).


More specifically, the patents describe the linking of two or more insurance policies in order to provide a mechanism for generating the improved health and wealth of a policyholder(s) and insurance company(s). In particular the patents describe a method of promoting the health and longevity of a policyholder by linking a primary insurance policy (ex: health insurance) to the purchase of (an)other insurance policy(s) (ex: life insurance) thereby increasing the health and wealth of an insured(s). This increase in health may be accomplished via the utilization of...

  1. more frequent medical examinations and biometric analyses (ie early detection)


     2. exercise, diet, nutrition...(ie prevention), etc.

...these results are then utilized to determine the savings of the unused portion of health insurance that can be applied to the purchase (and linkage) of additional insurance (ex: additional coverage, new policies, etc.). Savings on early detection and prevention, etc. should offset the increased amount of medical examinations and biometric analyses. Some net advantages of this linkage of insurance policies may include:

     3. more biometric information available to physician(s) resulting in greater choices and efficaciousness of treatments,

     4. greater health and wealth (from increased savings applied to linked policies) for the policyholder,

     5. less morbidity and mortality for the insured policyholder,

     6. greater savings by the insurance companies via decreased health insurance and life insurance claims, etc.

Key Points

Some important points pioneered by The CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC

Health Insurance Fees Are Used To Pay Life Insurance Fees While Increasing The Health And Longevity Of The Insured
CAM Medicine, Insurance and Benefits

Financial Considerations

On a larger scale the potential monetary value of these patents as stated in the patent itself is, I believe, very great as illustrated in the patent(s):

[0123] Consider, for example, a CHAI policy with a premium of $500.00 per month, or $6,000.00 per year.
If just 50% is saved as a result of preventive health education and practice, then with only 100,000 policyholders this would represent a profit of approximately $300,000,000.00 per each year.

Because the CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC utilizes the power of "prevention", " early detection", "the law of small numbers", frequent testing, etc. that are antithetical to the usual practices in the insurance industry including the law of large numbers that the insurance industry typically employs, each individual or insured may be able, to a great extent, determine their own premium(s). With these extraordinary savings, additional policies and / or supplements to existing policies can be achieved. However, these concepts can also be applied to include small groups of individual insured’s and / or larger groups of insured’s such that health and wealth can be accrued on a larger scale and larger amounts of funds may as such be generated thereby increasing revenues for the individual(s), small groups, shareholders, stockholder and others involved in the utilization of the CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC concepts.

An example of this might be if insurance company (A):

  1. were to offer health insurance to an individual...
  2. while insurance company (B) subsequently sold life insurance to the same individual with the savings from the health insurance policy account...
  3. and then subsequently insurance company (C) sold liability insurance, for example, to that same individual via the linking of these policies together as per utilizing the CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC linked policy methodology.

As the individual insured gains in health and longevity, the insurance company, the physicians, shareholders, etc. also gain both physically and fiscally as these policies are maintained. If, for example in the case of life insurance, they hopefully endow by the perpetuation of additional payments, the  insured may hopefully financially realize the concepts of: Coenzymes + Cofactors = Copayments®, Life- BeneFIT ™ , Reverse Viatical ™, etc. while attaining increased health and wealth.

Of course, if the patients compliance were to diminish, and thus their health, then the above described fiscal benefits would also diminish and the funds that were applied to the purchases of de novo or additional coverage would then be utilized to pay the necessary medical or other insurance policies premiums. In this way, the CHAI Insurance Consulting Group LLC linking of insurance policies, as structured in the areas of: nutrition, medicine, insurance, clinical research, sales, marketing, finance, etc. also importantly functions as a balance of this fiscal health as well as physical health.